Lowara 5SV Model Details

Lowara pumps 5SV Range

Description: Up to 160 m3/h.

Head: Up to 330 m.

Temperature of pumped liquid: From -30°C to +120°C for standard version.

Maximum operating pressure:

  • With oval flanges: 16 bar (PN16) at 50°C.
  • With round flanges: 25 bar (PN25) at 50°C.

Direction of rotation: Clockwise looking at the pump from the top down (marked with an arrow on the adapter and on the coupling).

Hydraulic performance compliant with ISO 9906:2012 - Grade 3B (ex ISO 9906:1999 - Annex A).

Lowara 5SV Water Pump | Industrial Pumps
Type Part Number
5SV02T003T 1016L0790
5SV02F003T 1016L0791
5SV02N003T 1016L0794
5SV03T005T 1016L0800
5SV03F005T 1016L0801
5SV03N005T 1016L0804
5SV04T005T 1016L0810
5SV04F005T 1016L0811
5SV04N005T 1016L0814
5SV05T007T/D 1016LC820
5SV05F007T/D 1016LC821
5SV05N007T/D 1016LC824
5SV06T011T/D 1016LC830
5SV06F011T/D 1016LC831
5SV06N011T/D 1016LC834
5SV07T011T/D 1016LC840
5SV07F011T/D 1016LC841
5SV07R011T/D 1016LC843
5SV07N011T/D 1016LC844
5SV08T011T/D 1016LC850
5SV08F011T/D 1016LC851
5SV08R011T/D 1016LC853
5SV08N011T/D 1016LC854
5SV09T015T/D 1016LC860
5SV09F015T/D 1016LC861
5SV09R015T/D 1016LC863
5SV09N015T/D 1016LC864
5SV10T015T/D 1016LC870
5SV10F015T/D 1016LC871
5SV10R015T/D 1016LC873
5SV10N015T/D 1016LC874
5SV11T015T/D 1016LC880
5SV11F015T/D 1016LC881
5SV11R015T/D 1016LC883
5SV11N015T/D 1016LC884
5SV12T022T/D 1016LC890
5SV12F022T/D 1016LC891
5SV12R022T/D 1016LC893
5SV12N022T/D 1016LC894
5SV13T022T/D 1016LC900
5SV13F022T/D 1016LC901
5SV13R022T/D 1016LC903
5SV13N022T/D 1016LC904
5SV14T022T/D 1016LC910
5SV14F022T/D 1016LC911
5SV14R022T/D 1016LC913
5SV14N022T/D 1016LC914
5SV15T022T/D 1016LC920
5SV15F022T/D 1016LC921
5SV15R022T/D 1016LC923
5SV15N022T/D 1016LC924
5SV16T022T/D 1016LC930
5SV16F022T/D 1016LC931
5SV16R022T/D 1016LC933
5SV16N022T/D 1016LC934
5SV18T030T/D 1016LC950
5SV18F030T/D 1016LC951
5SV18R030T/D 1016LC953
5SV18N030T/D 1016LC954
5SV21T030T/D 1016LC980
5SV21F030T/D 1016LC981
5SV21R030T/D 1016LC983
5SV21N030T/D 1016LC984
5SV23F040T/D 1016LD001
5SV23R040T/D 1016LD003
5SV23N040T/D 1016LD004
5SV25F040T/D 1016LD021
5SV25R040T/D 1016LD023
5SV25N040T/D 1016LD024
5SV28F040T/D 1016LD051
5SV28R040T/D 1016LD053
5SV28N040T/D 1016LD054
5SV30F055T/D 1016LD071
5SV30R055T/D 1016LD073
5SV30N055T/D 1016LD074
5SV33F055T/D 1016LD101
5SV33R055T/D 1016LD103
5SV33N055T/D 1016LD104
5SV02T003M 1016L2510
5SV02F003M 1016L2511
5SV02N003M 1016L2514
5SV03T005M 1016L2520
5SV03F005M 1016L2521
5SV03N005M 1016L2524
5SV04T005M 1016L2530
5SV04F005M 1016L2531
5SV04N005M 1016L2534
5SV05T007M 1016L2540
5SV05F007M 1016L2541
5SV05N007M 1016L2544
5SV06T011M 1016L2550
5SV06F011M 1016L2551
5SV06N011M 1016L2554
5SV07T011M 1016L2560
5SV07F011M 1016L2561
5SV07R011M 1016L2563
5SV07N011M 1016L2564
5SV08T011M 1016L2570
5SV08F011M 1016L2571
5SV08R011M 1016L2573
5SV08N011M 1016L2574
5SV09T015M 1016L2580
5SV09F015M 1016L2581
5SV09R015M 1016L2583
5SV09N015M 1016L2584
5SV10T015M 1016L2590
5SV10F015M 1016L2591
5SV10R015M 1016L2593
5SV10N015M 1016L2594
5SV11T015M 1016L2600
5SV11F015M 1016L2601
5SV11R015M 1016L2603
5SV11N015M 1016L2604
5SV12T022M 1016L2610
5SV12F022M 1016L2611
5SV12R022M 1016L2613
5SV12N022M 1016L2614
5SV13T022M 1016L2620
5SV13F022M 1016L2621
5SV13R022M 1016L2623
5SV13N022M 1016L2624
5SV14T022M 1016L2630
5SV14F022M 1016L2631
5SV14R022M 1016L2633
5SV14N022M 1016L2634
5SV15T022M 1016L2640
5SV15F022M 1016L2641
5SV15R022M 1016L2643
5SV15N022M 1016L2644
5SV16T022M 1016L2650
5SV16F022M 1016L2651
5SV16R022M 1016L2653
5SV16N022M 1016L2654