Lowara 3SV Model Details

Lowara pumps 3SV Range

Description: Up to 160 m3/h.

Head: Up to 330 m.

Temperature of pumped liquid: From -30°C to +120°C for standard version.

Maximum operating pressure:

  • With oval flanges: 16 bar (PN16) at 50°C.
  • With round flanges: 25 bar (PN25) at 50°C.

Direction of rotation: Clockwise looking at the pump from the top down (marked with an arrow on the adapter and on the coupling).

Hydraulic performance compliant with ISO 9906:2012 - Grade 3B (ex ISO 9906:1999 - Annex A).

Lowara 3SV Water Pump | Industrial Pumps
Type Part Number
3SV02T003T 1016L0420
3SV02F003T 1016L0421
3SV02N003T 1016L0424
3SV03T003T 1016L0430
3SV03F003T 1016L0431
3SV03N003T 1016L0434
3SV04T003T 1016L0440
3SV04F003T 1016L0441
3SV04N003T 1016L0444
3SV05T005T 1016L0450
3SV05F005T 1016L0451
3SV05N005T 1016L0454
3SV06T005T 1016L0460
3SV06F005T 1016L0461
3SV06N005T 1016L0464
3SV07T007T/D 1016LC470
3SV07F007T/D 1016LC471
3SV07R007T/D 1016LC473
3SV07N007T/D 1016LC474
3SV08T007T/D 1016LC480
3SV08F007T/D 1016LC481
3SV08R007T/D 1016LC483
3SV08N007T/D 1016LC484
3SV09T011T/D 1016LC490
3SV09F011T/D 1016LC491
3SV09R011T/D 1016LC493
3SV09N011T/D 1016LC494
3SV10T011T/D 1016LC500
3SV10F011T/D 1016LC501
3SV10R011T/D 1016LC503
3SV10N011T/D 1016LC504
3SV11T011T/D 1016LC510
3SV11F011T/D 1016LC511
3SV11R011T/D 1016LC513
3SV11N011T/D 1016LC514
3SV12T011T/D 1016LC520
3SV12F011T/D 1016LC521
3SV12R011T/D 1016LC523
3SV12N011T/D 1016LC524
3SV13T015T/D 1016LC530
3SV13F015T/D 1016LC531
3SV13R015T/D 1016LC533
3SV13N015T/D 1016LC534
3SV14T015T/D 1016LC540
3SV14F015T/D 1016LC541
3SV14R015T/D 1016LC543
3SV14N015T/D 1016LC544
3SV16T015T/D 1016LC560
3SV16F015T/D 1016LC561
3SV16R015T/D 1016LC563
3SV16N015T/D 1016LC564
3SV19T022T/D 1016LC590
3SV19F022T/D 1016LC591
3SV19R022T/D 1016LC593
3SV19N022T/D 1016LC594
3SV21T022T/D 1016LC610
3SV21F022T/D 1016LC611
3SV21R022T/D 1016LC613
3SV21N022T/D 1016LC614
3SV23F022T/D 1016LC631
3SV23R022T/D 1016LC633
3SV23N022T/D 1016LC634
3SV25F022T/D 1016LC651
3SV25R022T/D 1016LC653
3SV25N022T/D 1016LC654
3SV27F030T/D 1016LC671
3SV27R030T/D 1016LC673
3SV27N030T/D 1016LC674
3SV29F030T/D 1016LC691
3SV29R030T/D 1016LC693
3SV29N030T/D 1016LC694
3SV31F030T/D 1016LC711
3SV31R030T/D 1016LC713
3SV31N030T/D 1016LC714
3SV33F030T/D 1016LC731
3SV33R030T/D 1016LC733
3SV33N030T/D 1016LC734
3SV02T003M 1016L2230
3SV02F003M 1016L2231
3SV02N003M 1016L2234
3SV03T003M 1016L2240
3SV03F003M 1016L2241
3SV03N003M 1016L2244
3SV04T003M 1016L2250
3SV04F003M 1016L2251
3SV04N003M 1016L2254
3SV05T005M 1016L2260
3SV05F005M 1016L2261
3SV05N005M 1016L2264
3SV06T005M 1016L2270
3SV06F005M 1016L2271
3SV06N005M 1016L2274
3SV07T007M 1016L2280
3SV07F007M 1016L2281
3SV07R007M 1016L2283
3SV07N007M 1016L2284
3SV08T007M 1016L2290
3SV08F007M 1016L2291
3SV08R007M 1016L2293
3SV08N007M 1016L2294
3SV09T011M 1016L2300
3SV09F011M 1016L2301
3SV09R011M 1016L2303
3SV09N011M 1016L2304
3SV10T011M 1016L2310
3SV10F011M 1016L2311
3SV10R011M 1016L2313
3SV10N011M 1016L2314
3SV11T011M 1016L2320
3SV11F011M 1016L2321
3SV11R011M 1016L2323
3SV11N011M 1016L2324
3SV12T011M 1016L2330
3SV12F011M 1016L2331
3SV12R011M 1016L2333
3SV12N011M 1016L2334
3SV13T015M 1016L2340
3SV13F015M 1016L2341
3SV13R015M 1016L2343
3SV13N015M 1016L2344
3SV14T015M 1016L2350
3SV14F015M 1016L2351
3SV14R015M 1016L2353
3SV14N015M 1016L2354
3SV16T015M 1016L2370
3SV16F015M 1016L2371
3SV16R015M 1016L2373
3SV16N015M 1016L2374
3SV19T022M 1016L2400
3SV19F022M 1016L2401
3SV19R022M 1016L2403
3SV19N022M 1016L2404
3SV21T022M 1016L2420
3SV21F022M 1016L2421
3SV21R022M 1016L2423
3SV21N022M 1016L2424
3SV23F022M 1016L2441
3SV23R022M 1016L2443
3SV23N022M 1016L2444
3SV25F022M 1016L2461
3SV25R022M 1016L2463
3SV25N022M 1016L2464