Lowara 1SV Model Details

Lowara pumps 1SV Range

Description: Up to 160 m3/h.

Head: Up to 330 m.

Temperature of pumped liquid: From -30°C to +120°C for standard version.

Maximum operating pressure:

  • With oval flanges: 16 bar (PN16) at 50°C.
  • With round flanges: 25 bar (PN25) at 50°C.

Direction of rotation: Clockwise looking at the pump from the top down (marked with an arrow on the adapter and on the coupling).

Hydraulic performance compliant with ISO 9906:2012 - Grade 3B (ex ISO 9906:1999 - Annex A).

Lowara 1SV Water Pump | Industrial Pumps
Type Part Number
1SV02T003T 1016L0010
1SV02F003T 1016L0011
1SV02N003T 1016L0014
1SV03T003T 1016L0020
1SV03F003T 1016L0021
1SV03N003T 1016L0024
1SV04T003T 1016L0030
1SV04F003T 1016L0031
1SV04N003T 1016L0034
1SV05T003T 1016L0040
1SV05F003T 1016L0041
1SV05N003T 1016L0044
1SV06T003T 1016L0050
1SV06F003T 1016L0051
1SV06N003T 1016L0054
1SV07T003T 1016L0060
1SV07F003T 1016L0061
1SV07R003T 1016L0063
1SV07N003T 1016L0064
1SV08T005T 1016L0070
1SV08F005T 1016L0071
1SV08R005T 1016L0073
1SV08N005T 1016L0074
1SV09T005T 1016L0080
1SV09F005T 1016L0081
1SV09R005T 1016L0083
1SV09N005T 1016L0084
1SV10T005T 1016L0090
1SV10F005T 1016L0091
1SV10R005T 1016L0093
1SV10N005T 1016L0094
1SV11T005T 1016L0100
1SV11F005T 1016L0101
1SV11R005T 1016L0103
1SV11N005T 1016L0104
1SV12T007T/D 1016LC110
1SV12F007T/D 1016LC111
1SV12R007T/D 1016LC113
1SV12N007T/D 1016LC114
1SV13T007T/D 1016LC120
1SV13F007T/D 1016LC121
1SV13R007T/D 1016LC123
1SV13N007T/D 1016LC124
1SV15T007T/D 1016LC140
1SV15F007T/D 1016LC141
1SV15R007T/D 1016LC143
1SV15N007T/D 1016LC144
1SV17T011T/D 1016LC160
1SV17F011T/D 1016LC161
1SV17R011T/D 1016LC163
1SV17N011T/D 1016LC164
1SV19T011T/D 1016LC180
1SV19F011T/D 1016LC181
1SV19R011T/D 1016LC183
1SV19N011T/D 1016LC184
1SV22T011T/D 1016LC210
1SV22F011T/D 1016LC211
1SV22R011T/D 1016LC213
1SV22N011T/D 1016LC214
1SV25T015T/D 1016LC240
1SV25F015T/D 1016LC241
1SV25R015T/D 1016LC243
1SV25N015T/D 1016LC244
1SV27F015T/D 1016LC261
1SV27R015T/D 1016LC263
1SV27N015T/D 1016LC264
1SV30F015T/D 1016LC291
1SV30R015T/D 1016LC293
1SV30N015T/D 1016LC294
1SV32F022T/D 1016LC311
1SV32R022T/D 1016LC313
1SV32N022T/D 1016LC314
1SV34F022T/D 1016LC331
1SV34R022T/D 1016LC333
1SV34N022T/D 1016LC334
1SV37F022T/D 1016LC361
1SV37R022T/D 1016LC363
1SV37N022T/D 1016LC364
1SV02T003M 1016L1830
1SV02F003M 1016L1831
1SV02N003M 1016L1834
1SV03T003M 1016L1840
1SV03F003M 1016L1841
1SV03N003M 1016L1844
1SV04T003M 1016L1850
1SV04F003M 1016L1851
1SV04N003M 1016L1854
1SV05T003M 1016L1860
1SV05F003M 1016L1861
1SV05N003M 1016L1864
1SV06T003M 1016L1870
1SV06F003M 1016L1871
1SV06N003M 1016L1874
1SV07T003M 1016L1880
1SV07F003M 1016L1881
1SV07R003M 1016L1883
1SV07N003M 1016L1884
1SV08T005M 1016L1890
1SV08F005M 1016L1891
1SV08R005M 1016L1893
1SV08N005M 1016L1894
1SV09T005M 1016L1900
1SV09F005M 1016L1901
1SV09R005M 1016L1903
1SV09N005M 1016L1904
1SV10T005M 1016L1910
1SV10F005M 1016L1911
1SV10R005M 1016L1913
1SV10N005M 1016L1914
1SV11T005M 1016L1920
1SV11F005M 1016L1921
1SV11R005M 1016L1923
1SV11N005M 1016L1924
1SV12T007M 1016L1930
1SV12F007M 1016L1931
1SV12R007M 1016L1933
1SV12N007M 1016L1934
1SV13T007M 1016L1940
1SV13F007M 1016L1941
1SV13R007M 1016L1943
1SV13N007M 1016L1944
1SV15T007M 1016L1960
1SV15F007M 1016L1961
1SV15R007M 1016L1963
1SV15N007M 1016L1964
1SV17T011M 1016L1980
1SV17F011M 1016L1981
1SV17R011M 1016L1983
1SV17N011M 1016L1984
1SV19T011M 1016L2000
1SV19F011M 1016L2001
1SV19R011M 1016L2003
1SV19N011M 1016L2004
1SV22T011M 1016L2030
1SV22F011M 1016L2031
1SV22R011M 1016L2033
1SV22N011M 1016L2034
1SV25T015M 1016L2060
1SV25F015M 1016L2061
1SV25R015M 1016L2063
1SV25N015M 1016L2064
1SV27F015M 1016L2081
1SV27R015M 1016L2083
1SV27N015M 1016L2084
1SV30F015M 1016L2111
1SV30R015M 1016L2113
1SV30N015M 1016L2114
1SV32F022M 1016L2131
1SV32R022M 1016L2133
1SV32N022M 1016L2134
1SV34F022M 1016L2151
1SV34R022M 1016L2153
1SV34N022M 1016L2154
1SV37F022M 1016L2181
1SV37R022M 1016L2183
1SV37N022M 1016L2184