Lowara 15SV Model Details

Lowara pumps 15SV Range

Description: Up to 160 m3/h.

Head: Up to 330 m.

Temperature of pumped liquid: From -30°C to +120°C for standard version.

Maximum operating pressure:

  • With oval flanges: 16 bar (PN16) at 50°C.
  • With round flanges: 25 bar (PN25) at 50°C.

Direction of rotation: Clockwise looking at the pump from the top down (marked with an arrow on the adapter and on the coupling).

Hydraulic performance compliant with ISO 9906:2012 - Grade 3B (ex ISO 9906:1999 - Annex A).

Lowara 15SV Water Pump | Industrial Pumps
Type Part Number
15SV01T011T/D 1016LD400
15SV01F011T/D 1016LD401
15SV01N011T/D 1016LD404
15SV02T022T/D 1016LD410
15SV02F022T/D 1016LD411
15SV02N022T/D 1016LD414
15SV03F022T/D 1016LD421-2.2KW
15SV03T030T/D 1016LD420
15SV03F030T/D 1016LD421
15SV03N030T/D 1016LD424
15SV04F030T/D 1016LD431-3KW
15SV04T040T/D 1016LD430
15SV04F040T/D 1016LD431
15SV04R040T/D 1016LD433
15SV04N040T/D 1016LD434
15SV05T040T/D 1016LD440
15SV05F040T/D 1016LD441
15SV05R040T/D 1016LD443
15SV05N040T/D 1016LD444
15SV06T055T/D 1016LD450
15SV06F055T/D 1016LD451
15SV06R055T/D 1016LD453
15SV06N055T/D 1016LD454
15SV07T055T/D 1016LD460
15SV07F055T/D 1016LD461
15SV07R055T/D 1016LD463
15SV07N055T/D 1016LD464
15SV08T075T/D 1016LD470
15SV08F075T/D 1016LD471
15SV08R075T/D 1016LD473
15SV08N075T/D 1016LD474
15SV09T075T/D 1016LD480
15SV09F075T/D 1016LD481
15SV09R075T/D 1016LD483
15SV09N075T/D 1016LD484
15SV10T110T/D 1016LD490
15SV10F110T/D 1016LD491
15SV10R110T/D 1016LD493
15SV10N110T/D 1016LD494
15SV11F110T/D 1016LD501
15SV11R110T/D 1016LD503
15SV11N110T/D 1016LD504
15SV13F110T/D 1016LD521
15SV13R110T/D 1016LD523
15SV13N110T/D 1016LD524
15SV15F150T/D 1016LD541
15SV15R150T/D 1016LD543
15SV15N150T/D 1016LD544
15SV17F150T/D 1016LD561
15SV17R150T/D 1016LD563
15SV17N150T/D 1016LD564
15SV01T011M 1016L2780
15SV01F011M 1016L2781
15SV01N011M 1016L2784
15SV02T022M 1016L2790
15SV02F022M 1016L2791
15SV02N022M 1016L2794